Do all the Sidemen think the same? #4

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Nick Ralston
Nick Ralston 3 tundi tagasi
I love these
J I M M Y 3 päeva tagasi
Just thought of a new hide n seek video. Hide n seek in a hotel
ChazHD 4 päeva tagasi
Ksi made them all
beautxpain 5 päeva tagasi
If we didnt have covid i wouldnt have even heard of the sidemen. And i dont normally watch silly videos and stuff on youtube. So i assume theres lots more in same situation as me so covid has defo benefitted their channels I would think.
Jack Devlin
Jack Devlin 8 päeva tagasi
When jj did that i was done. 8:05 bbrrrr.
Stina Holmvik
Stina Holmvik 8 päeva tagasi
I have waited for braces for 4 years now...
LFC4life !!!
LFC4life !!! 8 päeva tagasi
I always knew of the sidemen but In terms of the "covid benefiting the channel's" question... I have to say I only really started to subscribe and turn on notifications etc..and had the free time to go back and watch all the previous videos since I had the free time to do so once covid happened. Just thought I'd let you know 😁
loki puent
loki puent 9 päeva tagasi
Wise words from dumb gamers 👌🤝
Moose Factz
Moose Factz 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t think Simon ever moved
King Nik
King Nik 10 päeva tagasi
i knew vikk before i knew any of the other sidemen, he's def self made
Savage bridges
Savage bridges 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone: let's wear shorts and not tell simon.
Sol G. Peréz
Sol G. Peréz 12 päeva tagasi
toby will go places he just needs to be more forgiving to himself
Max Smith
Max Smith 13 päeva tagasi
Can anyone tell me what shoes tobi has on
SJ 21
SJ 21 13 päeva tagasi
Sidemen: upload any video Ethan: the ____ is fucked! 😂😂🤦‍♂️
C2 freestyle
C2 freestyle 13 päeva tagasi
I love all of u
Ethan Yabsley
Ethan Yabsley 13 päeva tagasi
Simon barely moves left or right
TheEshaEdit 14 päeva tagasi
I hate how they didn’t respect Josh’ social media opinion 🙄 his point was valid
Ashmita Chand
Ashmita Chand 7 päeva tagasi
definitely agree. the rest of the sidemen viewed addiction as just doing something a lot, which is so far from what being addicted actually means. josh was right when he said that working a lot doesnt make u addicted. its the whole psychological process of depending on it that makes u addicted. i know its for shits and giggles so it isnt that serious in this context, but josh was 100% right and the way they tried to invalidate him was nuts
Brendan Cummins
Brendan Cummins 12 päeva tagasi
it's so annoying that they refused to interpret what he was saying. he was trying to say he doesn't view doing youtube as being on social media, but he thinks being on social media is physically scrolling through social media apps. its so frustrating
Brittany P
Brittany P 14 päeva tagasi
I NEED more of these!!!
Ian Walston
Ian Walston 15 päeva tagasi
I had never heard of sidemen before lockdown, coming from the US I was glad to have found them throughout the past months. Much appreciated the content and the laughs.
MarcusGaming 16 päeva tagasi
Sidemen: Lets all wear shorts and not tell Simon Simon: Why am I the only one wearing trousers?
Fiona lol
Fiona lol 18 päeva tagasi
harry clapping at 15:02 sent me 😭
hungry pete goes yeet
hungry pete goes yeet 18 päeva tagasi
Harry is self made whats he on about
Paulo Sant Anna
Paulo Sant Anna 20 päeva tagasi
DO #5
Manifestation Happiness
Manifestation Happiness 22 päeva tagasi
3:44 Ethan😂😂😂😂😂ENERGY
Poppy Kennedy
Poppy Kennedy 23 päeva tagasi
4:00 Harry was being very humble there
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf 23 päeva tagasi
TDx KNIGHT 24 päeva tagasi
Fun fact : This video was recorded before "Sidemen Hot Ones"
Aditya Thomas
Aditya Thomas 25 päeva tagasi
Came back here and realized this is when Hot Wings happened lol
Titan Avi
Titan Avi 25 päeva tagasi
Why have people so many negative theories about aliens? Noone has seen one. They could be more attractive than humans, who knows. People just visualise the things shown in cartoons when they think about aliens.
Yashuro 25 päeva tagasi
comments are hella incel bro addiction is something you're dependant on, do you reckon it'd be easy to let go of all social media for the rest of ur life? no. you're way too invested to just let go of it like that, just like any other addiction.
Stalin K
Stalin K 26 päeva tagasi
vik is def self made i knew him before ksi from old cod videos
Brian Trochowski
Brian Trochowski 26 päeva tagasi
Harry is just a comedic genius. Just speaks his mind but he's hilarious
Zander Balili
Zander Balili 27 päeva tagasi
There arguing about fucking the predator
Lukey Gaming
Lukey Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
Vik really thinks he is "good looking".
Nicholas Delgado
Nicholas Delgado 28 päeva tagasi
I don't think the Sidemen know what addiction is....
Parker Payne
Parker Payne 28 päeva tagasi
Simon just didn't move lol
jai 29 päeva tagasi
nobody is self made. everyone has had an opportunity along the way and should express gratitude over everything.
Jen G
Jen G Місяць tagasi
Interterrestrial vagina 🤣😂💀💀 fkn Harry
Cam Lampe
Cam Lampe Місяць tagasi
josh was the intellectual of the "i'm addicted to social media" discussion.
Kevin Sides
Kevin Sides Місяць tagasi
I love how in all of these Simon is just there
rEaR vIeW
rEaR vIeW Місяць tagasi
I’m glad they recognize their privilege. As Simon said in one of the Do they think the same videos, they’re in the 1%. They’re doing what they love, making a shit ton of money. Not a lot of people can say that. Most of the population, in fact
edward •
edward • Місяць tagasi
for the jake paul writing fresh outta london prompt, i would be in the middle because he wrote it with one friend.
Dulla Місяць tagasi
from a point of view of someone who knew all of you and the sidemen channel, but didnt start watching every video till the lockdown, seeing the tinder video and the holiday video, i feel like if you wouldve done a part 3 or 4 of those videos, it wouldve just seemed to boring cause it would look like like you are just repeating what worked, which sometimes works like the tinder part 1 2 and 3 but at a certain point those new viewers who clicked for the first time or two will say "nah i already watched one, it was fun but not this time" but i can not agree with anyone who says that there arent any people in the same position as mine, where they started watching every video even if the titles doesnt attract me cause i know how you are and how you make any situation entertaining
fireminecraft Місяць tagasi
They would be self made even if they wearnt the sidemen its just coz there in a group its a group thing and there all together
ricamae Місяць tagasi
I actually love how well thought out and planned the sidemen have for their content like they have so much ideas and it's amazing how they act dumb sometimes BUT THEYRE HELLAAAAA SMART
Jack Everest
Jack Everest Місяць tagasi
Jj :says he would have sex with the queen Sidemen:panicking British noises
Felix Potter
Felix Potter Місяць tagasi
do these guys not understand that fucking an alien is bestiality?
Elaina DeWulf
Elaina DeWulf Місяць tagasi
I completely agree with Josh - just because you use it does not mean you’re addicted. Yes, I am on social media multiple times a day, however, that doesn’t mean I need it. I use it as a space filler but I could live without it. Addiction is needing and craving it and what josh is saying is yes he uses it, but it’s not going to be end of the world if he can’t
N S Місяць tagasi
KSI is not ugly. None of the sidemen are!
weeb4life senpai
weeb4life senpai Місяць tagasi
JJ: im bending that ting over and doing a madness
Mystry - Gaming
Mystry - Gaming Місяць tagasi
Whoever is reading this: You skin isn't paper so don't cut it Your body isn't a book so don't judge it Your heart isn't a door so don't lock it Your life isn't a movie so don't end it Be you....stay safe (Btw small youtuber looking for your support) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positivity I am posting this on every single channel I can find because it now means so much more than it ever has before. Last month there were 10 times more suicide deaths than Covid deaths in the UK - it is always hard to talk about these kinds of things but I just want you to know that people care, I care. Stay safe my friends And please share this message and make someone’s day Best wishes, Harvey
Annabel Cranston
Annabel Cranston 25 päeva tagasi
@Mystry - Gaming you too!!
Mystry - Gaming
Mystry - Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
@Annabel Cranston stay safe my friend
Annabel Cranston
Annabel Cranston 25 päeva tagasi
HockeyMaskY Місяць tagasi
19:57 what happened to my screen I hope I'm not the only one
Benj Arrey
Benj Arrey Місяць tagasi
19:58 Anyone see ethan teleport???
Stephanie Sar
Stephanie Sar Місяць tagasi
If weed was legalised it’d get taxed so, I’m with JJ 😂
Abdullah Al-Hugbani
Abdullah Al-Hugbani Місяць tagasi
Tobi isn’t rocking the gap anymore 😢
Supreme King
Supreme King Місяць tagasi
I didn’t watch vik back then cuz I didn’t play mine craft but he is 100% self made
Tapiwa Moyo
Tapiwa Moyo Місяць tagasi
That is fax though from Harry’s song that ksi didn’t make him is true. Harry got up to 6-7 million subs before they fully collaborated Not fifa, or sidemen vids
Aazlo Місяць tagasi
Who else misses the old football days 😔😔
JB Місяць tagasi
The only reason I know the sidemen is because vikk mentioned his second channel in an early minecraft video. Vikk is self made imo
Jack Sindone
Jack Sindone Місяць tagasi
quacalacnduc Місяць tagasi
I'm addicted to social media. I'm watching this at 2:00am
Among us Plays
Among us Plays Місяць tagasi
When did Harry make his last vid
Shachar Місяць tagasi
It was filmed on the same day that jj sucked on that ice cream lmao
nappings Місяць tagasi
it was twash
Tessy Elizabeth Varughese
Tessy Elizabeth Varughese Місяць tagasi
hey yo, this video was more like sidemen debates.
Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf Місяць tagasi
How to win an argument in this game .... [That's why I'm not there]
Cale Cardinal
Cale Cardinal Місяць tagasi
I made a joke about staying up late and watching all these videos and look where I am now #4
Carnage Місяць tagasi
Harry low-key shitting his pants scared of the Jake Pauler's
Fanatical Flash
Fanatical Flash Місяць tagasi
8:00 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Emil Hällgren
Emil Hällgren Місяць tagasi
tobi is not selfmade
Muzzie -
Muzzie - Місяць tagasi
Ethan be teleporting
Josh Місяць tagasi
Josh was 100% right on that Social Media question
bl4ze G
bl4ze G Місяць tagasi
Why does harry look like a cookie
Lele Koko
Lele Koko Місяць tagasi
Josh is right and I stand with him. EEpost is his work and it doesn’t automatically subdivide into an addiction. it’s like saying sex workers are addicted to sex.
Lele Koko
Lele Koko Місяць tagasi
the ‘I think I’m good looking’ one disappointed me. they’re all good looking!! like ???
Josue Lara
Josue Lara Місяць tagasi
i don’t like tobi at all
msBuddiez101 Місяць tagasi
Reasons for why I'm still watching the sidemen from 2013 is because they're still entertaining. They do so many other activities that keep their channels still up to par with entertainment. Like for this video yes they're answering questions but they have discussions amongst themselves and give their own input while at the same time still having fun or cheesing the whole moment.
Skz can step on me and id thank them
Skz can step on me and id thank them Місяць tagasi
nah fam vik is self made, i was watching him way before i knew who jj was. its mainly bc a big thing back in the minecraft days was "the pack" with a bunch of other minecraft youtubers, pretty sure their names r rob, lachlan, preston, jerome and bajancanadian and they were like a only gaming sidemen and they were massive. that made viks channel big in the first place and he then (after the pack stopped making vids together) was with the sidemen and grew bigger.
dino rock gamer
dino rock gamer 2 місяці tagasi
○ ○ __ _./|\ / \/ \ /\ Girl: ughhh ugh ughhh! Boy: yeaaaah This was just random 😂😂😂😂
Black _supermanao
Black _supermanao 2 місяці tagasi
Me:*cLicks in ksi try not to laugh*:ksi: 🙂😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
DrShush 2 місяці tagasi
Why does simon always argue with the people that went the same way as him
Harvey Palmer
Harvey Palmer 2 місяці tagasi
Simon always stands in the middle
Miscellaneous Man Rick
Miscellaneous Man Rick 2 місяці tagasi
Jj was right about good looking
MMA Mansel
MMA Mansel 2 місяці tagasi
Ethan and Simon annoy me haha
Aaron Currey
Aaron Currey 2 місяці tagasi
Dad: what's your intentions with my daughter? Me: 8:04
bella daka
bella daka 2 місяці tagasi
Simons Shirt 🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕
KSOMIAK 2 місяці tagasi
11:50 JJ are you stupid are you a donut. Using a social media is watching vids on youtube, tweeting on twitter.
KSOMIAK 2 місяці tagasi
6:16 but Jake said they went bar for bar. Wich means his friend did half of the song
crying in a cool way
crying in a cool way 2 місяці tagasi
12:48 JJ was trying to say josh thinks that he isn’t addicted to social media because making EEpost videos is his job ans it’s work and jj was saying what about tiktokers that’s work for them but aren’t they addicted as they spend all their time learning the dances and looking for dances too so if josh isn’t addicted to social media because EEpost is a job he was comparing them.
crying in a cool way
crying in a cool way 2 місяці tagasi
Sorry not very good at words
Lushane Govender
Lushane Govender 2 місяці tagasi
Bro weed is legal in South Africa
ZEE R10T 2 місяці tagasi
When josh said that they would of had a nother holiday video out i was hit bc I loved them vids
Lxvijr JxviEr
Lxvijr JxviEr 2 місяці tagasi
Nobody understood josh’s logic/explanation! He’s point was actually good fam
George Smith
George Smith 2 місяці tagasi
Josh was right about social media. An addiction is when you have no control and cannot stop yourself from doing something. Josh might go on social media but that doesn’t mean it’s an addiction.
Jac Potter
Jac Potter 2 місяці tagasi
For the social media question everyone apart from josh is stupid
Henry Perrin
Henry Perrin 2 місяці tagasi
Why am I being recommended this shit? I wish there was a way to block or hide content from trash channels. The algorithm has failed Im not a small child who looks up to these losers behaving like autistic kids.
Fn2187 Star Wars
Fn2187 Star Wars 2 місяці tagasi
I watched sidemen many years ago and just came back and didn’t recognize Ethan
Roi 2 місяці tagasi
harry is more self made than jj. jj was in his vids when he got already 8 mil
Gustavo Lembre
Gustavo Lembre 2 місяці tagasi
20:11 this is why I love you guys so much😂❤️ Family you know
Do all the Sidemen think the same? #3
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