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Absolute Absurd
Absolute Absurd 2 päeva tagasi
12:39 Noone got what JJ said lol
JJ 7 päeva tagasi
I get mad when u suck
Cryptic Entity
Cryptic Entity 8 päeva tagasi
6:49 is why I live for these series
kodak green
kodak green 13 päeva tagasi
Promotion is always on the horizon... And then the sun sets....
Alfie Darling
Alfie Darling 13 päeva tagasi
KSI thought he was the dragon born 😂
Jafar Alshimrty
Jafar Alshimrty 21 päev tagasi
I love this series😂😂😂😂
John Kenny
John Kenny 27 päeva tagasi
Clubs 2021 ?
Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan Місяць tagasi
16:37 Simon: “I HAVE NO HEADING ABILITY!” Talia: “What a shame...”
SaintEven92 Місяць tagasi
I love the pandemonium when you guys score lol
nguyenthy truongvinh Box
nguyenthy truongvinh Box Місяць tagasi
michael jackson beat it
red lovren does awsome
red lovren does awsome Місяць tagasi
To be honest lads there just bad
Jake Mcburney
Jake Mcburney 2 місяці tagasi
Jj is the best wen he tries
Ethan Loomis
Ethan Loomis 3 місяці tagasi
In the second game the other teams first goal did anyone else notice the name of the player that scored
Bored Now
Bored Now 3 місяці tagasi
Nah in the first match, one of the opposition was called kinky lmfao😂😂😂😂
Cameron Warner
Cameron Warner 3 місяці tagasi
the noise JJ makes at 23:47 lol
PlayerzOP 3 місяці tagasi
JJ-"I'm gonna whoop this harder than slavery fam" @12:39 onwards. When he takes the penalty. Their voices overlapped JJ's.
Dam E
Dam E 3 місяці tagasi
JJ is so ass in fifa but in reality in god
Jake Beatie
Jake Beatie 3 місяці tagasi
Slap Doggo
Slap Doggo 3 місяці tagasi
33:17 listen with your eyes closed
The Channel of ALL
The Channel of ALL 3 місяці tagasi
What's with Harrys and not being able to square passes
Joshua BAKER
Joshua BAKER 4 місяці tagasi
17:05 Get Darren Bond while you're there, please! 17:39 Well, you did get the ball... just.
Domas961 4 місяці tagasi
That harry moan at 20:35 lmao
ZqXSniper 4 місяці tagasi
Vieri Adhitya
Vieri Adhitya 4 місяці tagasi
Ngl that's a good team talk from jj
Cardinal Complex
Cardinal Complex 4 місяці tagasi
can someone please tell vick how to shoot its jarring how he doesn't know
Evan Campbell
Evan Campbell 4 місяці tagasi
Notice how differently they treat Harry in division 6
manu g
manu g 4 місяці tagasi
“we fine, sTOP PANICKING!!!!” -simon
Joey Bell
Joey Bell 4 місяці tagasi
I feel bad for Vikk, he doesn't play fifa and he gets called shit, but when everyone plays warzone, hes hella nice to them saying "Well done, everyone contributed" thats why vikk is my favourite because he is so loyal but gets bullied
NotJmk 4 місяці tagasi
1:56 best goal in the series
Jude 4 місяці tagasi
29:41 You can still hear JJ 😂😂😂😂
Elaina Lucey
Elaina Lucey 4 місяці tagasi
21:05 listen to JJ
Megat Zharfan
Megat Zharfan 4 місяці tagasi
what is the name of the outro song?
teinahepi75 4 місяці tagasi
why is it sped up??😂
REPTILE 92 4 місяці tagasi
Vik: "complains about JJ" Me when I see vik with the ball: should you be talking?
Dragon Destroyer
Dragon Destroyer 4 місяці tagasi
JJ:oi fuck you vikk 7 episodes later rest of sidemen: oi fuck you jide
Jakub Portka
Jakub Portka 5 місяців tagasi
vik when he plays warzone: 1 ms response time vik when he plays fifa: 10 second response time
Flix_Ryphx 4 місяці tagasi
That’s fifa for you I dribble past 3 defenders and shoot then it finally shoots when they are all already back
ShawKnee 5 місяців tagasi
Simon complains and makes fun of the others, but he's the one playing shit.
insanity ツ
insanity ツ 5 місяців tagasi
Not Gary Oldman
Not Gary Oldman 5 місяців tagasi
29:09 Fus Ro Dah?
WOLFERINE 5 місяців tagasi
1:55, 23:20, 28:36
Kenny 5 місяців tagasi
They need to show their face cams😂😂
MESUT OZIL 5 місяців tagasi
18:05 dragging away, he just doesn't wanna be the one who fucks up the play. Twat
MESUT OZIL 5 місяців tagasi
15:53 how TF did Simon fuck up a 5v1
MESUT OZIL 5 місяців tagasi
1:57 u can hear Simon say "Harry" like he did something stupid, how come Everytime someone else fucks up he points it out but when he fucks up no one points it out. Fucking twat
oh yah yah
oh yah yah 5 місяців tagasi
i like it when simon makes a mistake and no one says anything but when someone else makes a mistake simon call them out.
oh yah yah
oh yah yah 5 місяців tagasi
i hope simon stops being so negative and trying to be funny, ffs just stfu alr
Content Cop
Content Cop 5 місяців tagasi
1:58 RIP headphone user's
Anthony Bissonnette
Anthony Bissonnette 5 місяців tagasi
Get harry of the pitch boys
Tapeg 5 місяців tagasi
These proclub videos bring back so many memories....
Isaac Beaney
Isaac Beaney 5 місяців tagasi
Beacon hill is 2 miles from where i live
Aaron 5 місяців tagasi
stop bullying harry jj could have passed to tobi before all that smh at the end
Thandolwethu Mngomezulu
Thandolwethu Mngomezulu 5 місяців tagasi
Harry finally scores a longshot
Tom Barnes
Tom Barnes 5 місяців tagasi
Lewis Glasby
Lewis Glasby 5 місяців tagasi
simon is the most underrated shit player ever, viks better 😂😂👏🏻
Danny Khan Vlogs -
Danny Khan Vlogs - 5 місяців tagasi
I’m dying swear Ethan day wallah I 😂😂 Jj gave a Muhammad Ali speech vik just gets neglected Cas he don’t know buttons still 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryan Wilkes
Ryan Wilkes 5 місяців tagasi
“ jj you’re playing everyone onside right now “ yet there whole team was behind the ball, 👏 tobi
Noelle Flores
Noelle Flores 5 місяців tagasi
12:40 JJ: Ima whip these harder than slavery fam... 💀 Edit: 21:05 JJ: Ima whip this harder then my did when I was a kiddd This mans lmao
KLFC 5 місяців tagasi
Lol 😂😂2020
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne 5 місяців tagasi
These r funny episodes but i never get the urge to watch the pro clubs the same way i do other sdmn videos. Im getting them out of my watch later now😂 but its not my type of sdmn video. Love the humour of them in it but ita not relaxing to watch of a night like other games they play (the rapping one, golf with friends etc)or even sdmn sundays
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne 5 місяців tagasi
Loving the team spirit lads. Seems to have improved. No boring moaners and no one messing at the same time. The chemistry is quality😂👏. I find it class how u lot r still finding it so easy to talk and keep (not only chemistry on the game but chemistry in ur friendships)... - yeah we r all in the same position but i find when im online talking to pals or family its so much harder when theres nothing to talk about. These lot just talk about any single thing that happens during the game.
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne 5 місяців tagasi
Its growing on me the pro clubs series. Originally i didnt like the fact u couldnt see the faces (it made it seem almost unlike a sdmn video) and the way everyone speaks at once instead of the normal banter where people let each other speak but when they have more of a laugh and seem to let each other speak nowadays instead of just shouting and dont take it as serious with the addition of them playing well to add to it is good. Also when u understand who is who (in terms of who is on the ball) u start to see who is doing well and who isnt. My original point i didnt like about not having face cams is still a problem would be great if they did but the episodes have seemed to get better. At one point it was moaning at each other and talking at the same time (double wammy) at least now they have good unity even if they do still speak at the same time. It is enjoyable to watch when they all play well or vice versa too. One messing just results in moaning by the others so all mess or nothing Edit: as funny and wholesome as it is the shouting is still too much when they score. Its not a relaxing type of video to watch of a night whereas a hell of a lot of sdmn vids r
Gold GotGame
Gold GotGame 5 місяців tagasi
Ethan has choke artist hall of fame
Wag1 For Battyman
Wag1 For Battyman 5 місяців tagasi
35 mins of pro clubs...2020 isn’t that bad after all😂
ND - 12SN 623370 Lincoln Alexander SS
ND - 12SN 623370 Lincoln Alexander SS 5 місяців tagasi
Use skill points to get better
Colin Zach
Colin Zach 5 місяців tagasi
Crossing doesnt work first 3 times Sidemen: lets try it again 20 times
Genews Providencia
Genews Providencia 5 місяців tagasi
27:36 okay team talk team talk . "BOYS...we might be fucked" im dead
james browne
james browne 5 місяців tagasi
vik wasnt offside it was harry
Zayed Soudagar
Zayed Soudagar 5 місяців tagasi
4:03 JJ directing this to us when he goes bald
hmm 6 місяців tagasi
Arif 11
Arif 11 6 місяців tagasi
my volume:📈📉📈📉📈📉
Dexphobic 6 місяців tagasi
do they know you cant be offside from a throw in ? the amount of times theyd have been through on goal
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne 6 місяців tagasi
Genuinely forget (with the chemistry these guys have) , jj and simon r the only ones seeing each other. Ik its the same for all of us but mad to think these guys havent seen each other for about 8/9 weeks. Like usually for example if theyve gone out somewhere u can understand if they do something online later on they have a talking point but now youd think theres nothing to talk about...but theyve kept up the chattiness even through not seeing each other (they just mention old stuff etc). And just to clear up im not comparing face to face convo to comparing online convo in both instances (lockdown&non-lockdown). Obviously face to face beats both for chattiness
lloyd frayne
lloyd frayne 6 місяців tagasi
0:08 "i need to change my controls". Throwback to the black ops 3 gun game. "Did u just try and blame the controls"
Thomas Hyde
Thomas Hyde 6 місяців tagasi
Just a suggestion who thinks that they should do Gary's mod hide and seek
Gustav Tandy
Gustav Tandy 6 місяців tagasi
Someone enters the opposition half Harry: have a go son
Gustav Tandy
Gustav Tandy 6 місяців tagasi
Vik is so nice. He gets bullied on clubs and says nothing but never bullies the sidemen when they die on warzone
brandon mines
brandon mines 6 місяців tagasi
JJ panicking makes me laugh too much🤣
Richard Cortez
Richard Cortez 6 місяців tagasi
Stop Vik Abuse
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 6 місяців tagasi
19:43 offside because vikk was inside the goal LOL
Jaakko makkone
Jaakko makkone 6 місяців tagasi
i like how simon says: JJ wheres the positivity and then Simon just whines to JJ
Ibrahim Sadi
Ibrahim Sadi 6 місяців tagasi
Where’s Vik
DeathTag 6 місяців tagasi
Fucking harry man
Hannes Hovmöller
Hannes Hovmöller 6 місяців tagasi
missed these and the Sidemen olympics!
your favorite sad boy in the building
your favorite sad boy in the building 6 місяців tagasi
you lot are so shit, it’s genuinely frustrating watching y’all play LMAO
Fayde 6 місяців tagasi
good lord this series just makes you realise how shit harry actually is at fifa lol. no wonder he had to resort to pack clickbait for all those views back in the day
That Lawd
That Lawd 6 місяців tagasi
16:34 😂😂😂
Megamind 2.0
Megamind 2.0 6 місяців tagasi
💥💥💥Hello my fellow trollers, help me spread this meme of a song💥💥💥
Maniacus Games
Maniacus Games 6 місяців tagasi
This doesn't belong in the Fallout76 playlist...
Hanz Productionz
Hanz Productionz 6 місяців tagasi
27:57 did anyone here that toby said amen 😂
George 6 місяців tagasi
Simon the suborn prick got annoyed with Harrys shot but....
AnasDh 6 місяців tagasi
and it was
Khaled Tawfik
Khaled Tawfik 6 місяців tagasi
18:28 Don't give them ideas Josh ffs
TheZombieNixon 6 місяців tagasi
Headers are shit on clubs dont bother
Theo Whyte
Theo Whyte 6 місяців tagasi
Link to watch a pro footballer play Pro Clubs -
Joe Ferris
Joe Ferris 6 місяців tagasi
I know I’m late but Ethan was a prick in this video
Zentify YT
Zentify YT 6 місяців tagasi
Conclusion of this video... vikk is shit at fifa
Storm Petersen
Storm Petersen 6 місяців tagasi
I feel bad for vik and harry they just keep getting shouted at :(
TheDeanAhern 6 місяців tagasi
Damn people giving Vikk abuse after that cross but nobody says anything to Simon who fucked up big time the next two chances!!
Ed Ford
Ed Ford 6 місяців tagasi
Simon is so problematic and Whiney
Ed Ford
Ed Ford 6 місяців tagasi
Tobi and Ethan are by far the best on the team
Some_ _Unearthly
Some_ _Unearthly 6 місяців tagasi
Ball is crossed into the box Sidemen: OOOOOOH
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